Get sociable with Walsall Police!


Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do with your arms when having your photo taken… Image from Youthnet.

Here’s an interesting release from Walsall Police, which in the light of recent posts here, may be interesting to readers, particularly the live web chat with Superintendent Keith Fraser, my social media interaction with whom I’ve written about previously.

It seems Walsall Police are having a social media contact day today, which should be good fun and informative for anyone interested in the activities of their local police.

I tried to insert the web chat widget so you could get it directly from this post, but WordPress stops it working, sadly. You’ll have to click the link in the test.

Walsall Police had this to say:

WEST Midlands Police continue their countdown to Christmas with a day of social media live from Walsall Police tomorrow (Wednesday 5 December).

Day five of the advent calendar sees Walsall police invite the public to follow their activity on Twitter and Facebook as they run lots of activity across the borough.

The action will begin at 8am with officers tweeting live from various locations, giving the general public a taste of policing a busy borough in the run up to Christmas.

You can follow the day on Twitter @Walsallpolice, through #wmpadvent, or on Facebookthroughout the day and receive live updates on policing in Walsall.

Included in the day there will be a live warrant, attending 999 call outs with response officers, activity in Walsall police custody block and patrols with neighbourhood officers in the town centre.

And the day will culminate in a live web chat with Superintendent Keith Fraser.

He will be available to answer questions from the public on local issues and policing in general between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Superintendent Fraser said: ‘There are a number of ways that the public can get in touch with us if they need to raise any issues.

‘They can visit their local station, attend a meeting run by their local policing team, like our Facebook page or even follow myself on Twitter.

‘I hope today gives the general public an insight into policing a busy borough in the run up to Christmas.

‘The live web chat at the end of the day will hopefully enable people to ask me anything about local policing in Walsall or raise any issues affecting themselves or their family.’

He will be available online between 5pm and 6.30pm ready to answer any questions that people from Walsall have about policing in their local area.

Click on this link to find the live web chat.

Superintendent Fraser added: “There is no need to register or login and people can remain completely anonymous.

“You will also be able to see the questions that other people are asking. If you can’t tune in between 5pm and 6.30pm a list of the event will be available to replay later.”

The force is counting down to Christmas with new advice and information on their advent calendar throughout December. Click this link for the latest information.

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3 Responses to Get sociable with Walsall Police!

  1. Peter says:

    Evening all. Nice to see our Walsall Police on what looks like the London Underground, seriously though we are invited to “get in touch with the police” .
    We can visit our local police station! When can we do that then? Every other Tuesday for an hour perhaps? Has he been to Aldridge or Brownhills recently?
    Attend a meeting or contact them via Facebook or Twitter!! I’m not so sure about these ideas,
    I’ve had one of my own but I dont know if it’ll work or not. What about we have Police Officers walking around the local community? They could walk around to the extent that they talk to local people, businesses, youth clubs, local shops late at night, mingle with people and help to identify where the vulnerable people live in our communities.
    A visible presence on the streets, people might like this.
    Then again it’s only an idea………… mind how you go.

  2. 1408nixonJim says:

    Blakenall Police officers are regularly out on foot and bikes to liaise with the local community!

  3. 1408nixon says:

    Blakenall officers regularly patrol on foot and bikes. This area is showing significant reductions in Anti-Social Behaviour and Burglary! Many thanks PS Jim Nixon.

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