Wolverhampton and surrounds, 1920 – for @StuDavis


1920 1:50,00 new popular edition map of Wolverhampton, West Walsall and the Watling Street corridor. Click on image to view. I recommned downloading it.

Twitter user and all-round top bloke Stu Davis asked me on twatter this morning if I could sort a map of Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire like my previously posted Brownhills and surrounds map. Plenty of stuff of interest here, even to non-Wolverhampton folk. The railway bods will have a ball – note the two stations in the city – and Monmore Green seems to already have a track in existence. Notice that Telford doesn’t exist yet. Pity we can’t rewind that one a bit.

Edit: that’s what happens when you crop a large map down late at night: you lose track of the cut line. TiredHippo is quite right, this map doesn’t cover where Telford would materialise. Oops. Sorry.

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  1. TiredHippo says:

    There are also stations numerous between Walsall and Wolverhampton.

    Telford’s existence, or lack of it, doesn’t make a jot of difference to this map, as it’s off past the western edge.

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