Brave warrior

I’ve been acquainted with Jason Sheldon – @Junction10 on twatter – for barely 18 months, but in that time I’ve come to appreciate his killer, instinctive wit, his way with words and fine community spirit. In as much as you can ever know someone on social media, Jason is a good mate to me; he’s a riot on line, and often outspoken. He’s a great supporter of the local blog scene and a very talented professional photographer whose work regularly appears in the local press. Jason specialises in gig photos, and if you see a review of live music in the Express & Star, chances are that the photos accompanying the article are his work.

One thing that’s always shone through the tweets from @Junction10 is the huge love and great pride Jason has in his kids, Joel and Eve. He tweets about them a lot, like any proud father, and when someone does that, you always feel a small connection to them, as I think most of the online community in Walsall and the wider area do. Jason is one of us – funny, great photographer, proud dad, decent chap.

It’s therefore with a huge sadness and shock that Jason tweeted that six year old Joel had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Understandably, this announcement was met with shock, dismay and a huge outpouring of sympathy, which Jason addressed with gratitude and his usual sharp wit. Folk have been following and shouting encouragement and support for a week or more now, and clearly not a family to roll over, Jason is blogging about his tough little lad with humour, grace and touching honesty. Veering between documentary, sadness, anger and optimism, it’s a seering travelogue that touches anyone who reads it, punctuated with some incredible photography, as you would expect.

I’m sure I speak for the whole of our online community when I wish Jason, Joel, Eve and Louise all the best of luck. It’s a harsh and reasonless blow, but we’re all rooting for you. The blog is a very brave, positive thing to do, and we’re all right there with you. Be strong, guys.

A Sense of tumour…

A blog about a fantastic little boy given an enormous challenge… Our son, Joel Charlie Sheldon was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Friday 14th January, 2011. He is 6 years old with the reading age of a 9yr old. He is bright, enthusiastic, very hands on and very funny, with a dry sense of humour. This is the story of his fight against cancer, and the fears and emotions felt by his parents. This blog will hopefully be cathartic to us all, and will hopefully be of interest to Joel when he’s fully recovered. I do feel slightly voyeuristic taking photos of him in his condition – even slightly guilty taking time to take them – but I want it documented – for his sake as much as ours. He already knows how much we care about him. With all the messages of support we’re receiving, he’ll also know how much everyone else cares about him too…. Thank you reading this.

Read more at ‘A Sense of Tumour…’

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  1. CAZ says:

    God Bless this brave little boy.
    It’s truly heartbreaking to think that any family should be having to go through this,and my thoughts prayers and very best wishes are with them all.
    While reading the blog,at times l wanted to cry for them but at other times Jason had me smiling, because he has such a way with words. l’m sure that when Joel grows up and looks back on the blog he’ll be so proud of his dad, and rightly so.
    I look forward to the day we read that Joel has made a full recovery.
    I know that when someone you love is ill, money seems meaningless and the last thing you care about, but unfortunately none of us can get by without it and it angers me that despite the emotional rollercoaster this family is on they’ve also got the added financial burden being thrust on them with ridiculous parking charges at the hospital.

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