Lets go up the Memo!


I think we've all stepped in through that door at one time or another...

I was contacted at the weekend by Laura Hucker, who’s helping to publicise the well-loved Brownhills community facility, The Memorial Hall, or Memo, in Lichfield Road. I think anyone who’s lived in Brownhills for more than ten minutes has been to an event there – from Friday night youth discos in the eighties, to jumble sales and wedding receptions.

Laura has set up a twitter feed – @BrownhillsMemo and a Facebook page for the Memo, to help get word of events going down at the social hub. Laura had this to say:

Brownhills Memorial Hall regularly hosts events throughout the year as well as being available to hire to the public. All events are bring your own drinks so for a fun, cheap night out by your tickets now!

We will be adding all of the events for the Memo to the Facebook page and you will have the opportunity to reserve tickets…We are really eager for your input so if there are any events you would like to see in the area or if you want to hire the hall yourself please, please get in touch, also, please suggest the page to the people of Brownhills who you feel may be interested.

Events for 2011 include; Oompah Night, Entertainment for the weekend of the Royal Wedding with Tony O’Dee, a childrens holiday Fun Day with Entertainer and Teddy Bears Picnic, Quiz Nights, Skittles Nights and much, much more. All events are Bring Your Own Drinks so it’s a very cheap night out for all! Contact us now for further information!

Events for 2011 kick off this Friday, 21st January 2011 with a Skittles Night – at a very reasonable £2 per ticket, this bring-your-own-booze bowling party is sure to be great fun and excellent value. Call (01543) 372148 for information, or send The Memo a message on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll continue to publicise any events in Brownhills, so if you’ve got a shindig ocurring, a fete, bazaar or talk, just drop me a line and I’ll post it up here. I thank Laura for her interest and community spirit, and I wish all at the Memorial Hall well.

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