Remember the days of the old school yard?

Another great photo has been sent in from reader and top contributor David Edwards, who, prompted by the If the kids are united… feature, has sent this school class photo from St. Johns school in Walsall Wood, which David thinks is from the mid sixties. Can anybody help?


St. Johns School, Walsall Wood class photo, estimated mid sixties. In this photo are: Nigel Walters, Sharon Doodey, Stephanie Bickley, Steven Downes, Sharon Parkes, Wayne Edwards, Peter Bridge.

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4 Responses to Remember the days of the old school yard?

  1. sharon doody says:

    Hi Sharon Doody is looking at photo wondering where everyone is these days ? Nice photo , remember it well!!
    Anyone wants to contact see facebook especially Wayne Edwards
    Sharon Parkes or Stephanie would be great !!

  2. Neil Smith. says:

    Came across this site by chance and remember all the names posted. Hope Sharon gets this link. Never used these sites before and not on face book etc.

  3. David Cockayne says:

    i think the teacher to the left is Miss Fox?

  4. Adrian Bickley says:

    From the names mentioned the date must be late sixties or early seventies.

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