Mr. Thomas Platt, Brownhills, circa 1930

After I featured some 1930’s photos of Brownhills High Street for Steve Hickman in this week’s old photo feature, Steve mailed me a really interesting image, for which I am immensely grateful. Steve had this to say:

Great photographs thanks very much. I have sent you one that will add just a bit more to the jigsaw that once made up Brownhills High Street. Provided by kind permission of Doreen Mosedale. It shows Mr Thomas Platt my Great Great Grandad (on the left) outside what I understand to be Roberts Painters and Decorators. The sign was Green. It is looking up towards the top of the High Street from Shire Oak. I think it was just opposite and up from the Warreners Arms. If you look carefully at the second photograph you posted you can see the bars on telegraph poles on the right hand side have a very distinct shape. This same shape can be seen as a shadow on the end of the building in the distance on this photograph. The Platt business was either next door or within a few properties. The photograph was Taken around 1930.

I thank both Steve Hickman and Doreen Mosedale for their generosity in supplying this photo, another image that adds to the often patchy collage of historical images of our area. Such high quality imagery is always wonderful, and it’s nice to have the backstory. The detective work with the telegraph pole shadow was neat and well spotted, too.

Today, I went on a mission to take some pictures for the elusive Stonnall post, please do stay tuned. I realise that article has had quite a long gestation, but you’ll understand why when I publish it. Thanks for the patience…

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5 Responses to Mr. Thomas Platt, Brownhills, circa 1930

  1. Re Thomas Platt. If this is Thomas who was married to Clara ? he is the elder brother of my wifes Grandmother. His father also Thomas was blinded in a mining accident. If you have any further details would be most grateful and other information we have would be happy to contribute.

  2. Steve Hickman says:

    Dear James and Pat,
    Thomas was indeed married to Clara Clarissa Platt (nee Caulton). If you want to pass on your e-mail via Bob I have a number of related photographs and would be pleased to learn any other information.

  3. Steve Hickman says:

    Dear James and Pat,

    Would I be correct in Pat’s Grandmother being either Mary or Gladys. Thomas’s father was born in 1856 and was blind by 1881 making him around only 25 at the time of the minning accident.

  4. Hi, Sorry its taken so long to reply. Pat’s Grandmother was Gladys Platt. She has an interesting antecedents, It would be good to find out a bit more on the family and exchange information on the family?????. Our email is Looking forward to hearing from you. Pat & James.

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