Brownhills in the Fifties (via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog)

Just thought I’d flag up this lovely post from the excellent blog curated by Chasewater Stuff. There are some poignent recollections of Brownhills past, as some little bits that I’d forgotten – Caters shop selling records, for one.

While you’re there, take a look at this wonderful work of local and railway history; it’s a cracking read and one of the first blogs I visit when checking my favourites.

Brownhills in the Fifties Brownhills in the Fifties There was a question on a radio pop quiz which triggered a memory from some fifty-odd years ago.  The question was ‘Who made the record ’Why do fools fall in love?’  The answer was Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, in 1956. The memory was of a picture in F.W.Cater’s shop window in High Street of the group wearing sweaters with a large letter ’T’ on the front.  A quick visit to Google soon found it!  I was at school in Wal … Read More

via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog

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  1. Thanks very much Bob. I really enjoyed putting that together and had to leave a few bits out. Another post……?

  2. Lorna says:

    I’m really enjoying your site having only just found it while trying to find info for my dad, who lives at Roundhill Farm, Ogley Hay Rd, Brownhills. He’d love to find out the full history of the farm and I’m having no luck at the moment. His Father rented it off a Mr Jackson in 1939, and bought it from him in 1943. Theres no mention of the farm on any maps I’ve looked at though Lambs Lodge is in all of them. I wonder if it was not always called Roundhill Farm? Could you help at all? I’d be most grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Many thanks Lorna

  3. Hi Lorna

    My access to old maps is limited this evening (my usual source is down for maintenance) but I think it’s unlikely that the farm existed in any entity before the thirties.

    If I’m correct, this is the farm just over the A5 where the caravans are stored, just off Ogley Hay Road on the left as you cross the junction?

    The 1947 1:25000 sheet records nothing in that space, but the 1951 series records a couple of buildings with no name. Providence place, just up the road on the same side, is recorded on both. The ’47 series was based on surveys from way before the war, in many cases before the first world war, and the ’51 series were updated much closer to issue, so this would be indicative of a building being constructed in the intervening period.

    Looking on streetview, the bungalow on that site looks like a building of the inter-war period; those bays are typical structural features of the time, as is the arch-top doorway. The metal window frames in the corrugated metal building behind also speak of that decade.

    I can find no other record, and at that time, the land was possibly part of Lamb’s Lodge farm, which was bisected by the mineral line from what is now the former Charringtons depot (now Quattro Plant), running up behind the Wharf at Anglesey Basin and round Chasewater to serve the pits. The 1947 map records much of the land between the canal and that branch line as scrub.

    I’ll look into some old maps when the service is up again, but I’m fairly convinced that’s the case.

    Cheers for the enquiry, I’ll expand on it later

    Best wishes


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