From the ‘Not terribly bright’ department…

Heres a tip – if you’re planning to dump waste packaging by the canal, do try to remove identifying addresses from it, otherwise somebody may notice it and take the appropriate action. This empty box, originally containing a consignment from Strictly Ink, was addressed to a house in Peake Road, Walsall Wood and subsequently dumped by the canal near the Black Cock pub. To the person who discarded it, I’d just like to ask one thing: what the hell was wrong with using your recycling bin? I assume all the other crap surrounding it was yours, too.

I would deduce the individual who excreted this particular pile of rubbish onto the local environment must have walked past several bins to get it to the resting place in the scrub by the canal towpath, which makes the whole thing rather perplexing. It surely is a wonder.

I've pixellated the identifying data on this image, but it's there for all to see on the box itself. Whatever this package originally contained, it clearly wasn't an award from Mensa. 4:13pm, Friday 12th March 2010.

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  1. [devila advocate] The person who the box was delivered to might have given it to someone else[/devils advocate]

    Whoever dumped it’s a $*%& though.

  2. It was signed for by the addressee, as pointed out by a sharp observer yesterday evening, before I mosaiced the consignment number.

    I was well aware that the parcel could have gone astray, which is why I hid the identity of the recipient. However, it still came to be where it was in a relatively good condition.

    Best wishes


  3. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have posted about it or anything like that, and the devils advocate tags would have worked if I’d spelt it right.

    • I understand that, no problem. I just wanted to record for posterity that I’d considered the alternative scenarios. I’m quite careful about that.

      Sometimes I regret that one cannot see another’s facial expressions when they type a reply…

      Best wishes


  4. Bob I’m glad you chose to publish this but that is not enough to get a conviction the dumpers have to be caught in the act. Mind you I bet the addressee is a bit worried. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Bob

      You may be interested to know that you can actually be prosecuted for this. Recently, Environmental Health teams have been searching for identifiable material in flytipped waste and prosecuting the originators for not using licensed waste carriers (which is the originators responsibility in law).

      In other words, if you pay a bloke down the road to take away waste, and it turns up in a gateway, you’re at risk of prosecution for not using an approved waste carrier. This would be similar.

      I’m sure you, like I, welcome any movement to stop the scum from desecrating our environment with rubbish like this.

      Best wishes


  5. Mick_P says:

    I’m returning to comment on this as it’s related to something I just spotted on Google Streetview. While looking up something to comment on your Effluent Society thread, I spotted this bloke. Now, what on earth could he be doing with a load of load carpet and cardboard down a country lane? No need for three guesses, I’m sure one would do.

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