New cycle hire and shop at Chasewater!

I noticed today that a new bike shop had opened in the craft centre at Chasewater. ChaswaterCycle offer cycle hire, parts, accessories, energy food and the like, as well as selling a range of bikes from Kona, Genesis, Ridgeback and more. Talking to the chap there (sorry, didn’t get his name) I was impressed that he was passionate about bikes and was a cyclist himself – too many people in the trade don’t ride themselves. He had some great, interesting views, a nice store with great potential, and a positive, can-do attitude. If you’re up that way, do pop in.

Kids love riding in a trailer...

Cycles can be hired from £7 an hour to £30 for the whole day, plus the standard returnable deposit. I note that they also offer children’s bikes, kids’ trailers, tag-alongs and copilot seats, so there are options for the whole family. If you’re thinking about getting into cycling you could do far worse than give these guys a try.

Chasewater has been crying out for such a facility, and I wish all concerned well. I have no connection with them, I just admired the cut of their jib.

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4 Responses to New cycle hire and shop at Chasewater!

  1. Martin says:

    We went in on Sunday (Mothers’ Day) and hired 5 bikes from these lovely people.
    Excellent stuff!
    Bikes, helmets,locks and everything else all new and shiny and they were really nice about it, too.
    We’ll be back again when the wife’s saddle sores heal…

  2. Not Impressed says:

    Booked a lesson for our son but when we arrived the lady instructor was in a stressed state and was not able to give the lesson as she was only half way through the previous one. She had abandoned the poor lady pupil who was standing all alone and forlorn with her bike, to serve a customer. She could and should have phoned to tell us that she was running late. Not very impressed. Luckily, we had bought our son’s bike and with a little instruction from me he did very well which saved £20.

  3. N. Lyndley says:

    The lady riding the mtb, and the photographer, must be b….. stupid. There’s no way I would have my infants in a trailer directly behind the rear wheel of a bike without mudguards, a trailer screen or wearing glasses – just waiting to be blinded by the first bit of gravel / stone thrown up straight into their eyes.

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