Sometimes the darkness is your friend

At this time of year, as Autumn slides intractably into winter and the nights draw in, the nature of my cycling changes. Rather than the longer dayrides of the summer, I embark on shorter rides around more local haunts. The sunsets, twilights and night views provide different photographic subject matter to that of my summertime excursions. At this time of year I frequent Cannock Chase, central Staffordshire and the area to the east of Tamworth.

You may have noticed by now that I’ve got a bit of a fascination with Rugeley power station. I make no apologies for the fact that I find it beautiful and fascinating, particularly at night. The facility represents the triumphalism and scale of the post-war infrastructure boom of the fifties, and the scale and belligerence of the industrial design never ceases to leave me speechless. Visible for miles, I find it endlessly wonderful to photograph.

'I dunno about you, but these starlings are really starting to take the piss...' Shenstone Park, Staffordshire 12:29pm, Sunday 15th November 2009

Dunstall church in the golden hour, Dunstall, Staffordshire 3:32pm, Sunday 15th November 2009

Rugeley Power Station and beyond from Hoar Cross, Staffordshire 4:11pm, Sunday 15th November 2009

Rugeley Power Station from the historic High Bridge, Handsacre, Staffordshire 4:49pm, Sunday 15th November 2009

Looking up the Trent Valley from Handsacre to Armitage, Staffordshire 4:52pm, Sunday 15th November 2009

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