Changes at the Shire Oak pub?

Recently I’ve heard some rumours that the Shire Oak pub is just about to change hands. With that in mind, I noticed that the pub was shut up and in darkness at 8:00pm when I cycled past this evening.

Anybody know what’s going on?

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19 Responses to Changes at the Shire Oak pub?

  1. stymaster says:

    No idea. Not been there for a while, but hope it does re-open.

  2. Nosey neighbour says:

    Live near landlady’s daughter in Tamworth, they appear to have moved into her house! Have had both cars on her drive for 3 nights now!

  3. Nosey neighbour says:

    Ooops, her Mother (not daughter), sorry!

  4. It was open last night when I went past at about 7pm.

  5. Matt Wilson says:

    The Shire Oak has changed hands, I am a regular and the new landlady and lord seem very nice, the beer has been reduced in price too!

  6. stymaster says:


    A return visit seems appropriate.

  7. pubhunter1 says:

    i have recently visited the shire oak pub in which i found it had all been redecorated which i found to be very bright and fresh and i also had a meal there i found the menu very satisfying and good value for money there was friendly service and a great atmosphere nice chunky homemade chips and excellent food,the new landlord is very friendly an all round nice place to be.

  8. stymaster says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve visited today.

    Very pleasant- nice staff, landlord friendly, good beer. Didn’t try the food but it looked OK.

  9. tony says:

    Hi this is the landlord Tony thanks for your comments nice to see hope see more of them

    • TB says:

      Does any one have a number for the Shire Oak Inn – I am looking to hire a room for private party, hope they can accommodate.

  10. Litesp33d says:

    They are no longer listed on yell and the telephone number for them seems to have been cut off. Are they still trading? Does anyone have a live contact number for them?

    • Well, they were running fine at the weekend. I’m fairly sure they’re still in business, I’ll check as I go past tonight for you.

      Best wishes


      • Yes, the Shire Oak was well and truly open for business at 6pm this evening. It’s a cracking house with a great atmosphere. I don’t have the number, but I know the landlord reads this blog so he’ll be able to help, I’m sure.

        Best wishes


  11. tony says:

    Yeah we are open phone number is bands every 2 on the 5th november moon of love hope to see you there.Thanks

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  13. Jackie Simpson says:

    Hiya drove past the pub earlier today and saw the banner advertising rock music on 21st jan 2012….is this goin to be in the from of a live band

    • Cathy Palmer says:

      another pub ruined What a shame The carpark is always empty apart from peoples cars who live opposite Uninviting dump

      • stymaster says:

        I’d disagree. It’s a great pub. If you don’t want the music, there’s the bar. The beers good too. I’d suggest the empty car park is a symptom of people walking there, rather than anything else.

  14. barnon says:

    live band play about once a month, good night out if you like 60’s and 70’s stuff. They have a quiz on monday’s and the people are a nice bunch!

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