Police helicopter searches for lost children in Clayhanger

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Couple of kids were lost, then found around CLayhanger. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

Many people have contacted me about the Police helicopter being up over Brownhills and Clayhanger yesterday night (Wednesday, 31st August 2015) – it seems that local police were conducting a search from a pair of missing children in Clayhanger.

The children were later found safe and well.

The National Police Air Service for Birmingham (@NPASBirmingham) tweeted:

Sorry for the noise over #Clayhanger (Yes that is a place near #Brownhills) as we searched for 2 missing children – found safe & well!

It’s great so see a good result there, and top work to the folk in blue for a bit of good news. I don’t think anyone could object to the noise from such an important search – so glad it ended well.

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