Looking sharp!


Brownhills High Street, outside the legendary Joe’s sweet shop. Looking at the fashions, I’d say early 80s. Anyone know anything about this?

I’ve been sent the above image by a reader who wishes to stay anonymous, and they’ve told me nothing about it whatsoever. I’d love to know more about it. Looking at the filename, I think it’s originated on Facebook.

A group of five lads outside Joe’s on the High Street (remember the legendary ice cream?) – note JC Lote’s jeweller behind, and behind that, Ashe and Nephew off-license. On the rear right, note the belcote of the Co-op store.

Looking at the drainpipe jeans, jackets and hair I’d say it’s early 80s. Definitely looking sharp…

I particularly like the dart board in the shop window. I forgot Joe’s sold toys and games too.

A fascinating thing. Anyone know any more? If you’re in this photo, please tell me about it…

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18 Responses to Looking sharp!

  1. Mark / Bommer Osborn says:

    Thats a chap called warren Bland far right went to Shire oak School , lived in walsall wood

  2. Warrington Cuthbert smyth. says:

    is that not docca day at the front?

  3. brian stringer says:

    the lad in Denim looks like Wayne Roberts

  4. emell says:

    The lad at the front is Docca Day,and they sporting mid 80’s football casual attire.

  5. mickysix says:

    I have seen this photo somewhere, but cannot remember where! But wherever it was it also had some names attached. Sorry I cannot be of any use. Brain wont work!

  6. Brian allen says:

    The lad at th front is Darren docca day a legend and he s wearing My sangan jumper lol

  7. Brian allen says:

    Rip darren docca day Legend x

  8. Gary Lawrence says:

    I remember Joes so well, walking home from school. Think the small lad is Darren ‘docker’ Day ?

  9. chris spilsbury says:

    my nan and grandad used to own joes it closed in 1986 due to the 80s ressesion

  10. Erv says:

    The lady in white coat reminds me of pat from the library.

  11. Janine Barrett says:

    The lad at the front is Darren Day and i think the guy to his left (our right) was called H. Can’t remember his proper name though! ‘Aichy’ we called him.

  12. Philip Roe says:

    I remember a big lad called H used to knock around with Baker and Freeman (free) as I remember we grew up inspired by these guys ,the clothes , the music etc they had a presence.

  13. Philip Roe says:

    I remember a big lad called H used to hang around with a guy called Baker and a guy called free we took a lot of inspiration from these guys , The clothes, The music etc . There was also a girl I had a mad teenage crush on at Bill Barnetts name julie Johnson. 1970s best times of my life.

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