If I were a young man…

I recently received this request from the wonderful Rose Burnell, which seems like a fun thing to get the kids involved with if they’ve a musical or theatrical leaning. Walsall Operatic Society are an outstanding collective who attract fine reviews of anything they perform. Rose is great fun and a fine advocate for both Brownhills and the arts locally, so why not pop along to find out what it’s all about?


Just a quick e-mail to let you know that Walsall Operatic Society are looking for children aged between 8-12 to join the society for the next concert and show.

If you know any children who are really keen on performing and you think would like to get involved, please would you let them know about this? I have attached a poster with all information on to make things easy.

Thanks so much
Mrs. Rose Burnell

Why not download this and print it out? Put a copy up on your loacal noticeboard.

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