Awake and breathe

Spring is here, folks. A fine sunny, chilly afternoon. At Chasewater, in the creek between Jeffrey’s Swag and where the main pool would be, just by the railway causeway, the amphibians are starting to stir, just as they have for years. The first early clumps of spawn are appearing. They can tell what we, as yet, have been unable to discern. Warmer days are coming. Cycling the lanes, I smelt the fresh smell of newly ploughed fields. Can winter really be over? Here’s hoping…

Chasewater, Staffordshire. 4:07PM, Sunday, 13th March 2011.

Chasewater, Staffordshire. 4:06PM, Sunday, 13th March 2011.

Chasewater, Staffordshire. 4:08PM, Sunday, 13th March 2011.


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3 Responses to Awake and breathe

  1. Linda says:

    Love the pics but alas I fear more winter weather yet…there are still oak leaves on the trees from last year, winter is never done until they’re gone.

  2. GOTCHA!
    I saw you taking the photos yesterday from the 4.00pm Chasewater train!

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