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The Burntwood Bog excels itself once again. Need I say more?

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  1. Robert Johnson says:

    You will have heard of the Brown Hill Hoard

    Our worthy warrior prince, a well-loved shield brother, great in battle,
    High born in the blood of Woden and Offa, wielding war-gear,
    ripped with terrible and bitter blows from fearless men,
    now Hell possessed, fell breathe-choked at the Brown Hill.

    Wary and fearful of the Danes in the East, and reaching into the forest,
    the hoard, no less great than his many hard-won and famed victories,
    is slipped under the forest floor, out of harm’s way.
    Safe in the earth’s keeping, the hard won scrap-gold rests.

    What treasures: bright red stones from far distant lands, all wrapped in gold; the crumpled cross of the Wielder of Glory; and Beasts of The Book.
    War-gear wrought with skill: sword-fixings; hilts; cheek-pieces; arm-bands.
    The finest war-trappings of the finest men, battle-fallen and gone.

    In time a finder comes, Walh halh born, a wood-skilled earth-scourer,
    scrap-finder of renown, following the ploughman, a son of John.
    Around his Feast Day he tilled the treasure, unlocked the hoard.
    Now all hail the ancient and forgotten sword-heroes of middle earth.

    P.S. The nearest museum to Brownhills is at Walh halh and context is everything: http://www.thenewartgallerywalsall.org.uk/about

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