YamYam comment: Walsall education is not a business…

Heads up, everyone – excellent comment piece here from the YamYam, about the underhand, undemocratic and unnecessary closure of Sneyd School. If you’re a reader from Brownhills, you may wonder why this is relevant to you, but these people run all authority schools in the area, and next time they need to maximise profitability it could be our turn.

YamYam comment: Walsall education is not a business but for Serco it is | News | TheYamYam.

It’s time we all woke up to this. Walsall’s current band of sycophants, yes-men and invisible councillors need a kick up the backside. It’s our authority, and we deserve decent management of it.

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4 Responses to YamYam comment: Walsall education is not a business…

  1. The Forrener says:

    The Yam Yam begins to lead the news agenda in Walsall… A sign of the times, methinks!

    The Forrener

  2. the mushroom says:

    With the closure of Manor Farm and Sneyd, the setting up of academies who can choose to define their own educational aims and values without regrade to local factors or the LEA, the fact the two grammar schools can pick and choose where their pupils come from (over half live outside Walsall) roughly a third of the public funded secondary schools in the borough operate totally outside local control.
    Well done Serco. Education in Walsall is becoming less answerable to the local community but you have managed increase the amount you will get paid. You must be very proud.

  3. stymaster says:

    A private firm like Serco are making piles of cash out of the state education system really gets my back up. The whole idea that that adds up to efficiency and value for money just seems insane.

  4. The Plastic Hippo says:

    Try entering Serco into your search engine of choice and once you get past their glossy, self-congratulatory home pages, you will find that they are involved in some very murky dealings all over the world.

    Not sure if I would want this lot running education, let alone anything to do with kids.

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