Whistleblower in row over EU cash crisis : Express & Star

That’s all right, then. According to a report in the Express & Star, Mike Bird has decided it was all that other blokes fault. How joyously convenient.

Whistleblower in row over EU cash crisis : Express & Star.

S’funny, you know, I thought the whole point of an audit trail was that it is a trail – held in multiple places, by multiple people, so things are auditable and traceable. It looks like our leaders still don’t get it: it’s happened on your watch, sort it out. What on earth do you think you’re there for?

Wearying to see that the usual Walsall Council habit of pointing fingers at others rather than accepting responsibility continues, transcending leadership changes like a bad dose of the clap…

Edit from later in the day: this post has a followup… the plot sickens.

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