Some weekend shots added to Panoramio

Didn’t get out much this weekend – due to a maintenance disaster during the week, the trusty steed was out of action Saturday while I fettled a repair and got up to various jobs about the house – still, the wind was evil so it didn’t seem so bad. Sunday was a better day all round. Took it gently up to Chasewater along the canal and spun up over the dam and round the lake. From there, content the bike was OK, I took a snoot up to Shire Oak to see if I could get a look at what had been going on at the old reservoir.  From there, I took a look around Shire Oak Park, then swung down through Stonnall and Canwell, out to Hints, Hopwas and up the canal to Hademore. Riding up to Elford, I took the A513 round to Whitemoor Haye and back through Huddlesford and Lichfield. I wasn’t in much of a photographic frame of mind, but I got some interesting stuff.

It’s nice to see the swans nesting again in the rushes at the rear of Sadler Road – the vegetation and overhanging trees had been cut back in the spring, and their usual spot was perilously open. It seems that a spot on the other side of the reed bed was chosen, and a typically perfect nest is now being tended…

The terrapin I documented in the previous post; checking out the Chasewater Wildlife Group site, they seem to know of it’s existence, and comment in their diary that he was out and basking yesterday (10th May 2009)… Brownhills now has a celebrity terrapin, now there’s a thing. If we could only get it to stick lettuce up its’ nose, then it’d be a star…

A crap photo of Shire Oak Reservoir, showing some evidence of activity. I shall get up there on foot and see if I can’t find out more.

Shire Oak Park (the former Hoveringham Quarry behind the reservoir) is looking pretty good these days. It was generally clean, the paths were well maintained, and it was quiet. I think some thinning may be due on the birches soon, they’re getting very dense, but top marks for the site – I don’t come here much and this was a very pleasant surprise. I looked for the huge concrete block with the small viewing area on top I remembered as a kid, but couldn’t find it. Is it still there?

The former Tamworth Waterworks pumping station at Hopwas seems to have been converted into flats or dwellings of some kind. I must try and find out more. It’s a handsome building and seems to have been treated sympathetically.

Took some shots at Whitemoor Haye – the main farmhouse there has been empty since the quarrying commenced behind it, although the rear farmhouse does seem to have people living in it. There’s plenty of oilseed rape here and the flatness of the land made for a couple of great shots… the microlights at the airstrip looked quite surreal behind a backdrop of dramatic yellow flowers.

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