Things that happen when you’re not looking…

Over the weekend, while I wasn’t paying attention, the very first photo I uploaded to Panoramio crossed the 1000 hit barrier. Now, I know that’s not a huge achievement, but it made me smile. Self indulgently. Just a little bit. Please allow me to continue my self-gratification.

I took the photo on a new Panasonic LX-2 camera, which had an odd 16:9 native format, one misty night just before Christmas in 2006. The weather was freezing cold, I’d been a long way, and had no tripod. I stood the camera on a bench and stuck it on self-timer. These days, the image looks noisy and harsh, but I was taken with it at the time.  I’ve had a love-hate relationship with that quirky little camera ever since. For some reason – I think it’s the location – it’s always been a really popular image in my gallery, and sits well with the other great dusk shots around the lake taken by other photographers. I returned last December, to try again, with an Olympus E-500 on a similarly icy day, and was really proud of the results:

I also took these by Minster Pool on the same day:

I guess only time will tell if they become as popular…

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