Bogus workmen still preying on local elderly: Please warn your friends!

I note with concern that the bogus workmen claiming to be working on fencing for neighbours is still in operation and targeting the local elderly folk.

Picture from Police Scotland.

Old friend of the blog Mike Sarsfield has written to inform me that a local friend of his has been (thankfully, unsuccessfully) targeted by a scumbag plying this scam: Earlier this year an elderly Brownhills couple were also targeted by a man claiming to have done fencing work at an adjoining property which they were in some way liable for.

The story is of course, utterly false and it’s a con.

Mike Sarsfield wrote:

Hi Bob,

Mike Sarsfield from Swansea reporting in. Please can you publish the following:

I had a phone call from an elderly lady relative of mine who still lives in the Brownhills area. She was worried, because she had had a visit from a man in a van, who had her name and address and he was trying to have her to pay money for work he had done on a neighbours fence [shared] on her side.

She challenged him and threatened him with the police. He took off fast. She has reported it to the Police, who will follow up.

A suggestion to all ~ be on our guard and report anything that looks out of the ordinary, to your neighbourhood watch and the Police.

I am glad to report that she is no worse the wear for this encounter.

Many thanks Bob, keep the excellent site going, and I hope to be in contact again soon,

Mike Sarsfield

Please tell your relatives and neighbours about this scam, and impress upon them how important it is not to be menaced into giving money for services  at the door, no matter how plausible the people demanding cash are. Genuine companies will always contact you by other means.

Explain that no official body will turn up unannounced demanding money for services like gardening, drain cleaning, fence repairs, tree pruning etc., and that if they are at all unsure of any caller, to close the door and contact the police.

Scumbags preying on the elderly and vulnerable are lower than a snake’s knees.

Please,  if you have any further information relating to this matter, or if you’ve witnessed something suspicious, please contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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