White van man flogging mattresses and TVs operating locally again – be vigilant

If you get visited by a likely lad flogging mattresses and tellies out of a van like this, don’t buy, it’s a scam. Image from Peugeot UK.

I’ve been contacted by a reader of the blog who lives in Walsall Wood who’s asked me to to warn you that there’s a man driving around our area in a large white van offering mattresses and TVs for sale door to door, and it’s undoubtedly a scam.

Yesterday afternoon (Monday, 29th January 2018) at about 2pm this character was operating in the Shire Oak area, and I’ve had other reports of him in the Castlefort and Clayhanger areas.

Hi Bob

Just a heads up – there a white chap in his 30s driving round in a white Peugeot long wheel based van registration MV67WWB.

He’s asking people if they want to buy any beds, mattresses or TV’s cheap that he’s been told to get rid of by the company he works for.

Obviously it’s a scam and the items are  probably from the tip and don’t work or are damaged.

I thought I would let you know so you could warn others

The guy didn’t have an accent, didn’t seem to be a traveller and spoke perfect English with a Black Country accent.

Please tell your relatives and neighbours about this chap, and impress upon them how important it is not to buy from, or accept services at the door, no matter how plausible the people offering them. Genuine companies will always contact you by other means.

Explain that no official body will turn up unannounced demanding money for services like gardening, drain cleaning, tree pruning etc., and that if they are at all unsure of any caller, to close the door and contact the police.

Please, if you’re called on by this man and feel uncomfortable, or if you’ve witnessed something suspicious, please contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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  1. Jan davies says:

    The exact same van and man just stopped me and asked if I wanted any mattresses in the South Wales valleys so he’s obviously travelling the country.

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