Pedestrian injured in collision in Brownhills: can you help find the car please?

Hi folks – there’s been a collision in Brownhills this evening (Wednesday, 14th December 2016) in which a pedestrian has been injured requiring emergency services attention, and it seems the driver of the vehicle involved failed to stop.

The condition of the lady is not currently known but she was assisted by paramedics. My sympathies to her, and I wish her a speedy recovery.

Reader Lee Bevan reports that a yellow or gold car, believed to be a Renault Megane hard top convertible was involved in the incident, which took place on the Ogley Road near Warren Place in Brownhills this evening, at around 9:40pm.

The car will very possibly have front wing, bumper or bonnet damage, and certainly damage to the front driver’s side wheel as it hit the kerb hard.

If anyone has any info, please do contact Walsall Police by dialling 101  or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

You can also message Lee Bevan on Facebook here.

Thanks to Lee Bevan, Julia Littleton, Karen Johnson, Nicki Townsend and all the other readers who helped with this post.

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2 Responses to Pedestrian injured in collision in Brownhills: can you help find the car please?

  1. Angry woman says:

    I will check my cctv to see if it came past my house.

  2. Lee Bevan posted on Facebook on Thursday evening, 15th December 2016:

    Update on the hit and run outside my house last night on the ogley road, thanks to a friend for a video he sent me which has been forwarded to the police. Right it appears that a car matching the description of the one involved in the hit and run was parked up on the carpark on church Street opposite the shoulder of mutton at the back of store 21 about 10 minutes after the incident when it was joined by what I’m told were 3 to 4 more cars then lots of banging was going on which I’m told sounded like car panels being beaten back into shape. It would have been quite conspicuous as the said cars hazards and alarm was going off for about 30 mins and the cars left the location at about half 10. Did anyone who uses the mutton or lives local to there see anything ? Can everyone please share this around so we catch who ever did this.


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