What’s going on in Walsall Social Services?

It’s not often I do this, but this is important, and the story has gained virtually no local traction – yesterday, The Guardian published an article about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the suspension and dismissal of Paul Davies, the short lived Executive Director of Social Care and Inclusion at Walsall Council.

This astounding story has had little detailed coverage in the press, and I’m surprised to say, few local political types have picked up on it. Sadly missed too by the normally excellent YamYam, I’m linking to the piece here to try and get as many folk locally to read it as possible.

I, like many, have no idea what’s gone wrong here, but I’m not surprised. Following other high profile cases, this is just another bizarre incident to add to a list of unfortunate events under the current administration at Walsall Council.

Please read the article and consider it – I’m sure you’ll find it as astounding as I do.

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From The Guardian website, 14th May 2014. Click on the screenshot to read the article.

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5 Responses to What’s going on in Walsall Social Services?

  1. Pedro says:

    “The prospect of a public airing of the issues at the heart of this curious affair will not be welcome to Walsall.”

    Get it on!

  2. Peter says:

    Walsall Council……….. Doesn’t it make you feel happy and satisfied each month when you hand over your hard earned in Poll tax (or whatever it’s called this week) I wonder how the selection of Paul Davies went? “There’s this great guy and a team of people in Oldham, get him on a few quid a year and let’s make the Council look really good” Fast forward a few months “Oh dear….. he is starting to make the other departments look as bad as they actually are”

    So, Walsall Council have now wasted a very large amount of money again, shame on you Walsall Council.

    Mind how you go…………….


  3. Jeremy Sidgwick says:

    Three good men have lost their jobs. But unfortunately for Walsall Council, they can no longer be silenced. See for yourself – 9.45am tomorrow, Birmingham Employment Tribunal Courts. Also don’t forget to ask your local councillors why they allowed the Chief Executive at Walsall Council free reign to suspend Paul Davies for 15 months, and spend hundreds of thousands of the public purse on legal costs.

  4. disappointed says:

    …… a disregard for the basic methods of introducing change to a mature organisation has tripped up the 3 cavaliers..A prime example of the incorrect application of rapid iterative problem solving. Little formal planning, and insufficient communication and explanations to key stakeholders. As shame for Walsall citizens. A shame for leadership.

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