A working man

Long time reader and friend of the Brownhills Blog Steve Cottle has been in touch, and kindly donated some mystery local photos for readers to study.

The photographs themselves are remarkable in quality and subject matter. The only thing is, we’re not sure where they were taken, and we are hoping readers may recognise the locations, or even some of the chaps pictured.

The pictures were from Steve’s Grandfather, William ‘Bill’ Bird who was a bricklayer for the National Coal Board, and he’s featured in the image taken under the washery. Bill lived in Thorpe Street, Chasetown, and I suspect these pictures may have been taken at the mines around Chasewater. The washery at the Fly Pit has been noted here previously.

Anyone who can help identify or date anything regarding this pictures, pleas do get in touch.

I love the canteen photo. That’s so natural and relaxed. It could be taken in any works canteen today, but for the clothes.

My huge thanks to Steve for sharing some amazing photos.


Handwritten on rear ‘The Wharf’ – Picture kindly supplied by Steve Cottle.


Noted as ‘Under the washery plant no. 3’ William ‘Bill’ Bird, Steve’s grandfather, is seated in the centre of the front row, holding the trowel. Picture kindly supplied by Steve Cottle.


Note on photo records ‘Number 9’s canteen’ – Picture kindly supplied by Steve Cottle.


This is described as ‘The plant’ – Picture kindly supplied by Steve Cottle.

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5 Responses to A working man

  1. Clive says:

    Lovely photos.Thanks Steve and Bob.

  2. Steve Cottle says:

    Hi Bob. the second pic my grandfather is dead center front row :o) cheers

  3. Steve Cottle says:

    He must have been all of 17 maybe 18 years of age

  4. pedro says:

    Love the first picture, looks pretty dusty. I bet the first pint wouldn’t touch the sides of the glass!

    Thanks for sharing.

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