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Aldridge Manor House – I’m fairly sure this isn’t The Grange. Picture by Adrian Rothery and posted on Gegograph under a Creative Commons license.

I’m wondering if any readers can help with this inquiry from reader Mary Woodroffe? It rings a bell, but I can’t place it. I’m aware of The Grange Theatre on the Broadway at Walsall, but can’t place it in Aldridge.

I’ve checked several maps and can’t find anything.

Hallo Bob,

Bernie D’ Boult from Birmingham History Forum gave me your name. I am researching my family history, a child was in Marston Green Cottage homes 1903 –1908. In 1908 he went into Service to Mr W. Wise, “The Grange” Aldridge. Have you ever come by this name or place. I live in Scotland and am unable to visit Walsall until late next year. Hoping you may be able to help.

Kind Regards

Mary Woodroffe

If you have anything, please comment here or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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  1. WarsawPact says:

    A big house called The Grange was accessed off Walsall Wood Road and shown on the OS plans from 1876 to 1976.
    It’s no longer there – the location is roughly where Brookfield Close now is.
    I guess it was knocked down when Northgate and the adjacent housing estate were built.

    You can actually see it on the Google Earth 1945 layer.

  2. Nick Elliott says:

    I lived up in that area for a few years (Edinburgh dv) and definately connect the Grange with Aldridge. Problem is Ive been out of the UK for 20 years and lost a lot of memory since then..! But..I sem to remember there was a play/ pre elementary school called The Grange’ . Location = coming from Stubbers green….over the bridge…and just past the turning to Northgate on the right…thre was a big ‘green’ area there…and the play school was there on the right….before the road swings to the left up to Aldridge island…(if its still there)….sorry if that was a waste of space..just a thought.

  3. Andy Dennis says:

    1880s mapping shows The Grange roughly where WarsawPact says. It appears to show two large buildings aligned NW-SE, with the SE one looking more like a large house a few metres north of the end of Brookfield Close (GR 405297 302189). The other was in the line of Northgate. The drive ran along the line of Walton Road until junction with Herbert Road where it veered more to the south. It may have been a farm that was gradually whittled away by clay extraction for brickmaking and eventually, as WarsawPact suggests, swept away for Northgate and housing.

    I haven’t found anyone named Wise or similar in 1901 or 1911 census, though I have only made a very brief search.

  4. Pedro says:

    Could only find one mention of The Grange, Aldridge in the Newspaper Archives.

    Mr J Jobberns from the Grange was a judge at the Walsall Wood flower show in 1900. No entries for Wise.

    Regards Pedro

  5. There is a Grange Farm off Green Lane …..

  6. Andy Dennis says:

    None the wiser!
    The J Jobburn in Pedro’s reply appears to have been one Joseph Jobern (sometimes spelt with an s on the end and sometimes with double b), brick & tile manufacturer and employer, who in 1891 resided at Grange Farm, next record to Jobern’s Brickyard.
    It seems he inherited a farm and brick & tile business from his uncles James and George Brown – all three lived at Sandhills in 1851, where James had 360 acres and George employed 190 men and boys. Joseph, age 27, was a merchant’s clerk.
    By 1861 Joseph was head of the Sandhills household, married with two children, house servant and nurse and was a brick & tile maker & timber merchant employing 150 men & boys.
    By 1871 the family had moved to the Leighswood area, west of Walsall Wood Road. in 1871 the place is “Brickyard”, 1881 “High House”, 1891 “Grange Farm”, 1901 “Joberns Brickyard” (next record Coppy Hall Farm). It looks as though these were all the same place: The Grange.
    The Probate Calendar records that Joseph Joberns of The Grange died on 18 September 1906, leaving £12,026 14s 6d.
    By 1911 the brick & tile business was being run by sons Edwards Jobern of Mount Pleasant – this was along Walsall Wood Road just south of Lazy Hill Road – and Bolton Jobern of Egmond, Aldridge. Bolton was still with parents in 1901 and may have inherited the family home. Had he renamed the house? There seems to be no record that could be of this house in 1911. Old maps name no house Egmond and The Grange is named each time.
    However, the Probate Calendar records the death in 1951 of Bolton Joberns of Egmont, Aldridge. It looks likely that The Grange, however named in records, was in continuous occupation by Jobern from about the late 1860s to at least 1951.
    No census records a Wise or similar in Aldridge.

  7. The Realsit says:

    This is Aldridge Manor House and not to be confused with Aldridge Court.

    For many years it accommodated the very succesful Aldridge Youth Club and attendant groups. In addition to the vast number of kids that attended (particularly on Friday Night Diso), good numbers of grown-ups used the ex Nissan Hut to the rear in order to play badminton and football while their offspring ran riot.

    All ‘customers’ were run with a rod of iron by a man called Ken Jones, so never any problems that the police could not deal with.

    In later years, it became the base of the late but unlamented Aldridge Community Association – again headed by Ken.

    I assume that the site was sold in the rush to close and sell anything that might help young people to develope and which might generate cash

    The Realist

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  11. Julie Brook says:

    I have recently bought a postcard dating from 1904 addressed to Mrs Joberns, the Grange, Aldridge walsall. It doesn’t help you locate the Grange but does indicate that the address existed.

    • Will says:

      Hi Julie,
      not sure if there is much chance of you seeing this reply, but nonetheless I would be interested to know more about the postcard to Mrs Joberns. I believe she was a 2nd cousin of mine (x4 removed), born Mary Bolton.
      Thanks, Will

  12. Peter Ford says:

    Joseph Joberns was a churchwarden at St Mary the Virgin Church, Aldridge, for fourteen years. His son Edward then took his place. There is an article about him in the Aldridge Parish magazine of October 1906.

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