Broadcasting from home

Local history aficionados will be interested in these home cinefilm clips posted to YouTube by sometime contributor to the Brownhills Blog, all round top-bloke stevieboy378. They were taken by one of Steve’s relatives, and feature the harsh winter of 1962, a family Christmas in 1965 and a student rag week parade from West Midlands College in 1978. Although some of the material centres on family, there are plenty of shots of the area – particularly Pelsall – to jog the memory. Look out in the 1965 clip for the TV, the chianti bottle, the party keg and the Esso Blue advert showing on the state of the art TV.

If anyone knows the location of the flats shown in the 1965 video, we would love to know where they are.

Steve’s got more fun stuff on his YouTube channel – why not pop along and take a look?

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2 Responses to Broadcasting from home

  1. ziksby says:

    Loved the Dalek midway through the second film and the marching band in the last.

  2. Mick_P says:

    The Dalek was magnificent. Reminded of one they used to have in, I think, Woolworth’s in Walsall during the late 60s, early 70s, that you sat inside while it rocked about and made threatening Dalek noises. Loved it. I was about 35, mind.

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