A small milestone

XKCD understands my affliction...

XKCD understands my affliction...

Today, I notice, this blog has passed 10,000 views. Since posting the first tentative article here on May 2nd 2009, there have been 91 subsequent posts covering a variety of subjects, from rants about Walsall Council to discussions of photos I’ve taken while out and about. Some have worked well, some have fallen flat, and some even developed a curious life of their own. What I can’t quite believe is that anybody has found any of this stuff remotely interesting or engaging enough to read. I’m no writer, just some ranting bloke sat at a keyboard, and the response you readers have generated has been flattering, enjoyable, stimulating and terrifying by turns. It’s quite a shock to find that there are people around who notice, and care, about the same things that preoccupy me.

I do this because I care about our town, and to learn a little more about it. In the course of the last four months I’ve learned so much about this place, and I’m certain that I’ve only scratched the surface. On that basis, I’d like to thank all the folks who’ve made particular contributions. The YamYam, for its dedication to the local angle on things; to the staff of Walsall Local History Centre, who’ve helped a duffer make sense of a lot of disparate stuff; Dan Slee at Walsall Council’s press office, whose patience in the face of occasional truculence is to be envied; and to readers Stymaster, Howmuch? and Pedro who’ve often given me particular pause for thought; Readers Bev, Lisa, Oakparkrunner and all the local history buffs who’ve helped me immensely and an honourable mention should go to both George Roper, in whose tradition I follow, and The Plastic Hippo, whose wit and incision I covet bitterly. Cheers.

I’ll keep doing this as long as there’s interest in it, and I really never expected it to get this far. If I don’t write for a while, it’s because I’m busy, but please be patient. I’m having far too much fun to stay away for long…

I thank all of you for your continued interest, comment and contributions. This wouldn’t be worth doing without you.

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2 Responses to A small milestone

  1. Nice one Bob, I’m well impressed. I am preparing a similar piece fro my blog.

  2. The Edditer says:


    Congratulations on your 10,000th hit!

    I’ve been following your progress with considerable interest and have been delighted to see how well you’ve taken up the cause of Brownhills and its people in particular.

    Although I’m a Bloxidge mon, my dear old dad was born in Walsall Wood and I still have relatives in Bornwhills, so it’s nice to see their needs and their heritage being highlighted so well.

    Keep up the good work!


    The Edditer


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