Details: the elements of success… but not on the new ring road.

Whose right?

Whose right?

Spotted in Walsall by Howmuch, photographed this morning by BrownhillsBob – epic road marking fail. Exactly who does that text apply to, and where is the hapless pedestrian meant to stand when reading it? Perhaps it’s to cater for the disorientation caused by negotiating five or more pedestrian crossings to get across one junction. This particular cockup is located on the new Arboretum Junction, between Lichfield Street and Lower Rushall Street…

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  1. dinkey says:

    Judging by the general confusion I’ve seen at this new junction perhaps it’s for the drivers as they mount the pavement?

  2. stymaster says:

    I just might submit that to failblog..

    • Thanks for that… muchly amusing! It really is crap, isn’t it? I can’t take credit for spotting it – that was Howmuch. Another success to measure the project by…

  3. The plastic hippo says:

    The solution to the chaos being caused by the ring road is simple.

    Rip out all the traffic lights and dig up the confusing filter lanes and covert them into canals. Cars could then be loaded onto barges which would cut the journey time from the Arboretum to the M6 in half.

    Then put in place something call a “roundabout” with bushes and flowers and stuff.

    Should take about three years do and cost millions.

    • Works for me, unlike the current system. I’ve only crossed it on foot a couple of times – it’s like a cross between frogger and something off the crystal maze. Remember, we’re all wrong and our overloads think it not only works, but represents good value…

  4. stymaster says:

    I actually thought that if they’d left the Arboretum island as was, but made the Littleton St–Court Way–Blue Lane West bit dual carriageway to stop the bottleneck, that may have worked quite well. The reason the island was so bad was that exit was continually blocked.

    • Absolutely. On e of the biggest problems I saw with it was that the pedestrian crossings constantly held the traffic up – If they’d have put lights on the island, that would probably have worked fine.

      Instead, we have the farce we’ve got now…


  5. theyamyam says:

    The traffic flow improved considerably when they removed the middle hilly part of the old Arbo roundabout – so visibility was much better. Perhaps they should have stopped further development at that point.

  6. dinkey says:

    I’ve just seen this in the express and swastika – did you send it to them because you are not mentioned? Seems kind of odd they ran this story now because the road sign has been there for ages.

    • Hi dinkey… no, I didn’t send it to the Express & Star. I was pointed to the roadmarking by Howmuch, who suggested I take a photo and blog it. I nipped into Walsall this week and did just that. Two days later, it appears in the local paper.

      It’s not like they haven’t got form for this…


  7. stymaster says:

    What’s it like doing the E&S’s work for them Bob?

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  9. Matt From Walsall says:

    THeres nothing wrong with the new traffic lights, just keep taking the first exit (cuz them lights are always green), do a handbreak turn and repeat as nessesary until your on the right road lol

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