Ogley hay Juniors in the late 60s: Who can you spot?

Ogley Hay Juniors, May Day 1965. Image kindly shared by Gail Hughes.

I’m indebted today to local lady Gail Hughes who posted this wonderful pair of Ogley Juniors photos  – the upper one appears to be from the annual May Day event in 1965 (which has featured here many times before from different years) – and Gail thinks the class photo is from around 1969.

I always love these images as they look so relaxed and happy, not the traditionally stiff school photos we normally see. It always strikes me how content the kids were in the pictures from the various Ogley Schools, like the kids were in the Portman Collection of Walsall Wood school photos we also chronicled and shared here.

Gail wrote:

I can name quite a few.

Boys I remember starting from left:

Robert Horton, Paul Norgrove, Alan Tonks, Martin Milner, Mark Mason, Shaun Murphy, Michael ?, Raymond Woodhouse, Roy Holyman, Kevin ? , Andrew Shears, Timothy Whitehouse ( I think)

Girls: Heather Yates, Carol Toddington, Julie Probert, Christine Pearce, Ann Wootton ( I think) Karen Rhead, Susan Sunderland and Patricia Morris.

Kim Parry, Sue Whittaker , Kim Taylor, Karen Slatter, me Gail Pemberton, Joy Middleton, Sue Teece and Wendy ?

Please fill in the missing ones.

Another photo must have been taken because a lot missing from my year.

Happy Days!

So get to it – what do you remember? Comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or buttonhole me on social media.

Thanks to Gail for a gorgeous pair of images that are bound to be very popular indeed.

Ogley Hay Juniors, thought to be around 1969. Image kindly shared by Gail Hughes.

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