Pictures from Brownhills Carnival in the 1970s

The odd thing is I think I recognise the handwriting style on the sign. Local supermarket signwriter perhaps? (Common before computers and printers!) Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

I’ve had a very generous donation of photos from old freiend of the blog and community activist Dawn Hayton, who has scanned a real assortment of gems from her mother’s collection – they really are stunning.

There are three distinct sets – this one, of Brownhills Carnival in the 1970s, a set of Ogley Hay May Day photos and a set of celebrations of the 1977 Silver Jubilee in the Freeth Road area – the latter two I’ll post later in the week.

This set stands well with the 1934 Carnival Film by Edgar Pritchard here, the remarkable set of a late 1970s carnival by Peter Booth here and the warm and touching carnival memories of Lisa Ashby here and of course here.

I thank Dawn for some lovely photos, great memories and very nice scans – an please, if you see anyone you recognise, or have anything to add, please do.

Comment here or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com.

Now, this picture is of real interest. I assume the lass in the picture is Dawn or one of her family, but I’m interested in where it might have been taken. It’s Brownhills High Street – is that perhaps George Mason’s supermarket in the background, or maybe a later incarnation like Pricerite? Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

Travelling in style. I think that brick wall is near Freeth Road if I’m not mistaken. Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

I wonder where 1971 Carnival Queen Jennifer Brierey is today. I just about remember mention of Councillor Arkell. Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

Ah, the Seven Dwarfs, passing the Brian Marklew ‘Turf Accountant’ (betting shop!)where Shadez of Bronze is today. Who are the people on the float? Image Kindly supplied by Dawn Hayton.

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4 Responses to Pictures from Brownhills Carnival in the 1970s

  1. Dawn Hayton says:

    Hi Bob,
    Yes I am the young lass somewhere on the High St but I dont know where. Still young and innocent haha

    The picture with the skip lorry was my Dad’s business, Run from Great Charles St and new at the time in 1987 by the looks of skip…. still clean! He sold the business on when he retired but it is still going now based at Coppiceside I think.

    Chatting to my folks we think the girl with the curly hair could be Tracey Sears which would mean the young lad who’s face can just be seen is possibly Lee Sears. Other children involved could well be customers from “Mary’s” which is now The Village Chippy on Lichfield Road. Mum took over the business from Dolly and was there for several years.

    From the Walsall Observer picture of The Carnival Queen Jennifer Brierey I can name my big sister Suzanne Hayton on the right with big white ribbons in her hair and the young lad, bottom left is Christopher Ashmore, a neighbour of ours at the time from Middleton Road.

    The last photograph of The Seven Dwarfs is Brownhills TG but I dont know the year.

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  3. Jen Jones says:

    I was in one of them,as a child…dressed as Queen of Hearts . I was so upset, I so didn’t want to do it , I tried to hide but my Grandparents insisted ( Geoff & Amy Price from The Black Swan) x

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