Bogus workman harasses Brownhills couple for cash: Be alert

It seems there’s no end to the activities of the bogus workmen/gardener scams locally: Yesterday (Monday 18th March 2018) a couple in Castle Close, Brownhills were targeted by a man claiming to have done fencing work at an adjoining property which they were in some way liable for.

His story was, of course, an utter falsehood.

A bogus caller has been demanding money with menaces in the Chapel Avenue area of Brownhills. Imagery from Apple Maps.

Brownhills Police tweeted:

At 11:44am today (Monday, 18th March 2019) a bogus caller knocking doors in Chapel Avenue, Brownhills claiming to have done some garden work and asking for money off residents unaware of any work.

Thankfully no money handed over and we were called.

Described as white male, 6ft, light hair, scruffy beard, wearing dark duffle coat.

Be alert & report any issues!

A neighbour posted with a report of the same incident:

Hi Bob

I hope you can put this post on, our neighbour had someone at the door saying they had done some work on the fence at the bottom of their garden from the other side due to wind damage and because it’s a shared fence he wanted £85 or would take them to court.

Long story short, they went away empty handed and other neighbour had no knowledge, police 111 informed, so if everyone can watch out for a black pickup truck please?

Please tell your relatives and neighbours about this scam, and impress upon them how important it is not to be menaced into giving money for services  at the door, no matter how plausible the people demanding cash are. Genuine companies will always contact you by other means.

Explain that no official body will turn up unannounced demanding money for services like gardening, drain cleaning, fence repairs, tree pruning etc., and that if they are at all unsure of any caller, to close the door and contact the police.

Scumbags preying on the elderly and vulnerable are lower than a snake’s knees.

Please,  if you have any further information relating to this matter, or if you’ve witnessed something suspicious, please contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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  1. Bernard Cartwright says:

    Hi Bob
    I am sick of these Chancers and Scumbags getting away with incidents like this, which there have been many of in the Walsall Area of late. Our Treasurer/Membership Secretary is currently getting quotes for door window stickers with the Neighbourhood Watch Logo and No Cold Callers on which we intend to distribute free to our Membership in July. I want to thank you for the Publicity via Kevin Pitt of our meeting at the Old Olympians Football Ground this evening.
    Bernard Cartwright Brownhills Area Coordinator, Rushall, Shelfield Pelsall and Brownhills Neighbourhood Watch.

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