Details of Shire Oak Pub refurbishment now available


Artist’s rendering of the refurbished pub. Not sure about the colour, mind. Image from Punch Taverns brochure.

I am indebted to Shire Oak resident Matt Stacky who has spotted the following PDF brochure on the Punch Taverns website detailing the planned renovations to the Shire Oak pub, which stands at the main junction at the south end of town.

There’s no timescale given, and this is intended clearly as a sales brochure to anyone interested in taking the pub on – but the refurbishment sees extensive, and I’m sure many readers will be interested in the details.

If you are interested in the pub, check out the Punch Taverns website.

I really hope this well-loved pub gets a new lease of life – we need to look after our community pubs before they’re all gone.

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