‘Crucifixion’ Incident at Walsall Wood

In order to put straight some of the stranger rumours that seem to be circulating about this, I’d point out that there’s an article about the incident in tonight’s Express & Star (unfortunately not online yet) and an ongoing report on the YamYam, who as ever, are first online with all the Walsall news.

Man crucified in Walsall Wood – TheYamYam

I would caution those currently indulging in the wilder rumours that it’s probably best to find out the facts before engaging in baseless speculation. I make no comment on this matter at all, and only post in order to clarify the facts of the situation as far as possible.

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14 Responses to ‘Crucifixion’ Incident at Walsall Wood

  1. Colin Townsend says:

    It is true, if the pictures I’ve seen on a friend’s facebook photopage are anything to go by. I’ll be happy to forward it you.

    • Thanks, I’m well aware than the incident occurred. There have been some pretty vicious rumours circulating about this and I would caution those involved against propagating them. This posting is purely to point those interested at the YamYam, who are reporting the story as it happened.
      Thank you

  2. Ash says:

    Vicious rumours? A man “crucifies” himself dressed as Jesus from the top of a telegraph pole.. what do you expect? In today’s world of twitter and facebook information about an incident like this is bound to spread like wildfire. A hundred plus people were talking about this on facebook for hours before the “online media” knew (or chose to publish) anything about it.. It is obviously bound to attract peoples attention and although the popular theory (that this was some kind of protest) is pure speculation it would seem that this was the point… So what?? Peoples attitude towards towards mental health (if this is the case) is a poor one.. well thats nothing new!! Get off your moral high horse.. Hundreds of thousands of people engage in “baseless speculation” based on articles in the media that are most of the time themselves baseless and speculatory and i dont see you harping on about that..


    • I think it’s probably better to try and tame the wilder stuff, this isn’t just entertainment. There’s very probably a person in a state of mental distress who very likely has family who are involved. It may have been going on for years, but that shouldn’t be carte blanche to invent stuff on the fly. Some of the stuff that came my way was frankly nasty. Hundreds of thousands of people can still be misguided, wrong or whatever. I’m just attempting to get some links out to the more trustworthy sources.
      You’ll find me grumbling about baseless crap in the media quite a lot, but that’s quite dull and outside the scope of the blog.

      Best wishes, and thanks for your contribution.

  3. Ash says:

    Thanks for your quick response Bob

    “There’s very probably a person in a state of mental distress”

    Your comment is itself baseless and speculatory is it not? Even the yamyam website (your trustworthy source) reported that this was done in protest over something, what that was exactly was not reported, which i believe paves the way for speculation.. It’s natural for people to speculate, especially on something as strange as this. I agree it should not be viewed as entertainment but curiosity is inevitable.

    I dont see why sites like yamyam are more trustworthy when the community in walsall wood and on facebook seemed to have a better idea of what had happened (and pictures) hours before anything was available through any so called “established” media outlet, this to me redifines the idea of online media.. facebook is a medium and it’s online. There will always be people who are insensitive to an issue and facebook ect are just a more valid and relevant conception of the public sphere.

    I’ve posted a link to this blog on fb with a footnote which kindly asks people to be mature about there posts in an attempt to generate debate, hope you don’t mind..


    • I would tenure the fact that the man has been taken for psychiatric assessment, and the very nature of his actions suggest his mental condition to be out of the ordinary, otherwise we’d not get to work each day without falling over some biblical reenactment.

      The reason I posted this – taking care not to comment on it, and I still won’t – is because it is natural to speculate, but the nature of that speculation tends to get wilder in an information vacuum. However, when the YamYam and the Express & Star published stories, the speculation died back to something a little more good humoured.I merely directed the slew of hits I got through google to a place where there was documented reportage.

      The YamYam is generally trustworthy because it aggregates what’s going on – opinion and published report – into a format that can be compared, browsed and perused. You’ll note that the report there contained links to the Facebook group and other citizen generated content. That’s why it’s good, it’s not judgemental and presents information as it appears in a comparative format. It’s not just one opinion.

      It’s not that the community are untrustworthy, but the nature of Chinese whispers corrupts the tale in the one that’s told. That’s not new, but social networks amplify it.

      I don’t really understand why you feel so defensive on this – I’m not on the attack, just pointing the curious to where the most reliable, comparative information on the incident is presented as it arrives, in order that people can judge the veracity of the more outrageous stuff.

      I’ll always caution against rumour and sigh. Recent events, including the riot in Lozells a few years ago were triggered by just such phenomena. The YamYam and aggregators like it are the future of citizen content, as they act as a filter, a reference point. Spend some time there, it’s a great resource.

      I have no connection to them, but like many bloggers in the wider area, I’m grateful to it for offering my voice up alongside that of the established media for an equal hearing. After all, that’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it?

      I’m happy for you to post links to this blog. I’m not being hostile, just trying to guide some direction into what has been an absolutely astounding story.

      Best wishes


  4. Ash says:

    Hi Bob

    I don’t find your responses hostile and neither do i intend to come across as hostile.

    Although it is starting to look like this guy may have some sort of issue i still think its an assumption to suggest he’s mentally ill, any sane person could pull a stunt like this if they felt strongly enough about an issue, groups like fathers for justice pull similar stunts all the time granted maybe not on such a biblical scale..! One of the points i was trying to make was that this stunt, by definition was designed to receive attention and speculation, otherwise why not just hold up a sign which clearly states your aims..

    I’m also confused as to why none of the established media outlets have reported the reasons behind this man’s protest, I’m sure they have more info and as i said previously, I believe this paves the way for speculation.

    When i first read the articles on yamyam there were no links to any facebook pictures or groups as these were not posted until around 1pm and 3pm respectively, although i do now take your point as to there citizen generated content.. 🙂

    I would suggest that his being deemed in need of a psychiatric assessment is merely procedure and until stated otherwise should not reflect on his mental well being.

    I wasn’t trying to be defensive bob or hostile, i just stumbled across your blog and decided to get involved in the discussion.. My main points were really that the yam yam was not the first to report it and definatley didn’t report it as it happened as there first article wasn’t’ published until 1:48 pm or somewhere in that region, that the nature of the event was designed to generate attention and speculation, that we should not assume this guy is mentally ill until it has been shown to be the case, and that anyone of an average intellect should have the ability to judge the veracity of the more outrageous stuff by themselves.


    Thanks again bob


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  6. stymaster says:

    The mainstream media, or at least the less worthwhile parts of it have picked it up, not that I’m suggesting this is a reliable source, of course. They seem to have info, but how true it is is another matter.

  7. Ash says:

    I notice again how none of these sources are willing disclose information regarding what this man was protesting about, it’s seems to me that someone somewhere has deemed us unworthy of such info.. :s 1-0 to those pesky filtering systems.. 😉

    • If it’s a medical matter he was protesting about, it’s possible that they can’t because of patient confidentiality rules.

      The police have said that because this is medically sensitive, they can’t say much. The same rules would protect your privacy, it’s worth remembering that.

      Best wishes


  8. Ash says:

    Point taken Bob. I do value privacy a great deal and from perusing your blog i assume you would agree that we seem to be entitled to less and less of it lately, as far as our data is concerned. However.. taking into consideration the nature of this guys protest it would seem that privacy is pretty far down on his agenda.. I’m not saying that he should loose his right to privacy, just that he obviously intended to highlight an issue.

    Ps – Having had a look through this blog i think it’s really good! I’ve book marked it but can you send me a link to subscribe, i cant find one and i’d like to change the little avatar (which atm is faceless) on my comments..

    Ta Bob.


  9. I think the idea is that you can surrender your own privacy if you want, but the authorities cannot do it on your behalf, which I think is only fair.

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. It’s here for the people of Brownhills and Walsall, and seems to be developing quite an audience since I started it in April last year. If there’s anything you ever want to discuss or you have any contribution, please don’t hesitate to either comment or send me a mail. Details on the about page.

    I got the profile pic set up when I started the blog, it comes with the whole wordpress account thing. Since you seem like a chap with plenty to say, have you considered blogging yourself? It’s free and easy. You don’t have to blog at all to get an account. Just pop over to http://www.wordpress.com and follow the links.

    Thanks for your contribution, you’re always welcome here.


  10. Hi guys

    Whilst I welcome all contributions to the blog, can I just point out that several people have now sent me ‘the true story here’. Whilst I understand the desire to explain what is a very debated and unusual incident, since all four versions of the ‘facts’ differ massively, and are largely from anonymous contributors, I couldn’t possibly allow them to be published here.

    Since the matter concerns a member of the public who may or may not be in the care of the NHS, it would be improper to allow comment on the gentleman concerned, his condition or his motivation.

    I hope you understand the need for discretion here.



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