How gym membership works…

Fitness First health club, 5:35pm Thursday, 6th August 2009

Fitness First health club, Walsall Wood, 5:35pm Thursday, 6th August 2009

A constant flow of customers. Tight, often illegal parking. Fully paid-up members frantically trying to find somewhere to leave their cars, before entering the building in order to ride a stationary bicycle.

The cycle rack to the left of the front door is empty, and has weeds growing from it.

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  1. stymaster says:

    I’ve remarked on this many times, both from the view that it seems insane to drive to a gym to run or cycle when there’s miles of pathway nearby, and that it’s a right pain in the arse that we’ve lost the Somerfield- we did occaisionally try to call in on our way past, but there is *nowhere* to park there any more, so we’d end up calling in elsewhere, or walking into the High St.

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