Shock closure of Shire Oak pub


The revamped of the Shire Oak was welcome, but sadly doesn’t seem to have been popular.

Surprising news has reached me that the Shire Oak Pub, landmark at the southern tip of Brownhills, has closed less than twelve months after an extensive refurbishment.

It’s not clear what’s happened at the once popular pub, but it’s been shut since yesterday (Monday, 22nd August 2016) and rumours suggest the pub has been handed back to the owners, Punch Taverns.

There had been some disquiet locally as the establishment, which reopened after a costly revamp in November 2015, had received middling reviews for food and service, and had met with some criticism.

Hopefully the pub will reopen soon with new management and a positive outlook for the future. I’ll post more information when I get it.

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2 Responses to Shock closure of Shire Oak pub

  1. paul says:

    Hi I believe the Bowman Pub in Aldridge also owned (and refurbished) by Punch 12 months ago is also to close this Friday as well. (rumour)….due to the tough trading conditions and the high over heads that these pubs have, in terms of paying rent to the brewery and being tied into buying their beer from Punch and not elsewhere. Sad to see so many pubs struggling .

  2. David Brown says:

    Hi. I enrol young people onto Apprenticeships locally for Babcock Training in a variety of different occupations.
    You may know a young person looking to train as a chef.
    We have vacancies at the Barons Court Hotel and the recently reopened Shire Oak Public House. They are employed positions with good training leading to NVQ qualifications.
    If you would like more details my number is 077 487 03379.
    David Brown

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