Brownhills Town? That rings a Bell

Brownhills Town 1990-91_000001

Hard to believe this is now 25 years old!

I was asked recently about Brownhills Town Football Club, who played (and maybe still do, although I can see any evidence) at Holland Park in Brownhills – I can’t remember who asked, sorry, but here’s something for you.

It seems that throughout history, there were quite a few incarnations of the team bearing the name Brownhills Town, who were not to be confused with Brownhills United, who actually played in Clayhanger.

This team seems to have originated in Bloxwich as Bell Rovers, and moved to Holland Park in this very season. They changed name, but the reasons for this transformation are unclear.

Here is the programme for their 1990-91 season, their first at Holland Park, which I picked up at a charity shop last week. It cost the princely sum of 25p on publication, and inflation had taken it to 50p in 2015. Reading it, there’s some interesting stuff.

It seems to have been mostly produced on a dot matrix printer and home computer (something is screaming Amiga at me, but no idea why), and some cut and paste with a typewriter. The cover was printed by RW Print in Pelsall and Grange Graphics did the inside. RW Print still exist to this day.

The programme contains history of the club (including a complete table of club officials and dates served), news, league tables, team info, adverts and other stuff, and seems to have a very optimistic, positive outlook.

The team were playing AFC Thatch, the team associated with the Thatched Cottage pub in Bloxwich, and they were competing in the Staffordshire County League South.

I’ve scanned the whole thing below as images, or you can download a PDF of the whole thing.

I’d really like to know more about Brownhills Town, in whatever incarnation, and welcome memories and other reminiscences, and particularly team photos. What happened to this team, and are they still around in some form or another?

Please comment here or feel free to mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Brownhills Town programme 1990-91 PDF version 4.6 magabytes

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    any mention in the Gazettes?

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