Chasing Windmills (via Tamworth Time Hikes)

There are a series of three posts currently up on the excellent Tamworth Time Hikes blog that are worth a look. I know I plug Mark Lorenzo’s work here rather a lot, but this is shaping up to be a wonderful resource. I love the eclectic, off-kilter posting style, and find the Abe and Ernst device as captivating as it is bizarre – but what really pulls it together is some excellent landscape research. Tip of the hat goes to Mark for expanding on a largely overlooked area of Staffordshire.

I can’t stress how important this kind of historical research is – there are few people engaged in it, and this kind of evidence-based approach will become increasingly important as the historical record of our evolving society, it’s agriculture and industry becomes more uncertain as oral records are lost. It may seem flippant, but this stuff is deathly serious. Think about it.

CHASING WINDMILLS The first adventure for Abe and Ernst is aptly going to be to do with windmills, Don Quijote´s giants in the landscape. Ernst and Abe are not going to have much luck in finding windmills around Tamworth, as there isn´t any. Tamworth being crisscrossed by rivers was ideally suited for watermills.  There were though at least a couple of windmills nearby in the not too distant past, with one more ‘maybe’ windmill. Windmill Hill, Whittington This is … Read More

via Tamworth Time Hikes

CHASING WINDMILLS IIWith the whole Don Quijote theme running through the last posts it seems appropriate to put this link to a great new idea in theory from Spain to participate in reading out loud the Cervantes classic Don Quijote on youtube(I think in Spanish). It’s a hefty  book and anything that makes Cervante´s all time classic more accessible is welcome. Moneymore mill(formerly known as Weeford Mill, formerly known as Canwell mill) In the quests for windmills, … Read More

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CHASING WINDMILLS:THE LAST CRUSADEWindmill Farm taken from OS OpenData showing windmill farm and windmill Close, located on outer limit of Coton Green, Tamworth, click on for larger view. This is the best candidates for Tamworth´s very own windmill. Moneymore mill is on the outer limits of this blogs area and windmill hill, Whittington is a big maybe.  Windmill´s being the major landmarks they are, leave echoes in the landscape in the form of names. They seem to smother the immed … Read More

via Tamworth Time Hikes

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