A hike into the past

I’m loving Tamworth Time Hikes, a newish blog I found by chance yesterday afternoon. There’s a lot of good landscape-based history there, and much that reminds me of the excellent work of Julian Ward Davies and The Lost Lake of Stonnall.
Mark Lorenzo has created an engaging journal containing some great studies of places I know, love and have talked about on the blog. He covers Hopwas, A hedge in Tamworth (fascinating, actually) and has a fun interactive map of interesting historical landscape features for the intrepid explorer.
Go take a look. It’s highly engaging and shows great promise.

Seckington castle earthwork After watching the 2nd episode of the excellent  new BBC series The Normans, I´ve taken an opportunity to contribute a post about a norman monument in the area.  3 Miles east of Tamworth is the village of Seckington which has on the edges of the village a satisfingly complete early Norman motte and bailey earthwork. It’s a remnant of the heady days of Norman conquest and would have probably been built in  a largely hostile area with forced labour … Read More

via Tamworth Time Hikes

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  1. Mark Bennett says:

    hi mark
    what do you think the chances of a computor illiterate old git like me landing on this site are?

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