Consigned to myth no more!

The Pound Shop by Flipsy.

Due to customer demand - by Flipsy

I don’t often trawl flickr – it’s fascinating, to be sure, but it eats hours of time without you knowing it. I was looking for something else – wwilfing[1] in fact – when I came upon this delightful record of a now almost mythical occurrence… I’d seen this notice in the window of the ‘Renaissance 99p Stores’ in Brownhills High Street some years ago, as had a good freind, without thinking to record it. Later efforts to explain that it was genuine to others had proved difficult – may those doubters no longer scoff! Thanks to Flipsy’s excellent but bijou Brownhills set on flickr, I can now prove it wasn’t a dream after all, and that the shoppers of Brownhills do indeed demand higher priced tat…

[1] what was I looking for..?

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3 Responses to Consigned to myth no more!

  1. The Yamyam says:

    Ha, I still don’t believe it, you’ve been using Photoshop!

  2. lisa says:

    That’s my mate’s picture you’ve got there … ha ha ha !!!

  3. James says:

    wwilfing – The Brownhills Holy Grail?

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