Walsall Council descends into farce – that didn’t take long.

Just a quick post. From a new entry on his blog tonight, Councillor Mike Flower seems to have had quite an unpleasant council meeting this evening. Councillor Ian Shires also comments on it in his blog – it looks like the change in leadership has precipitated some hostility. (Later Edit, 11:0AM 21th May – even the normally mild-mannered Garry Perry joins in the grumble) From the sounds of things, this could be a portent of future council meetings and I fear we could be in for the same hectoring, hostile and tribal idiocy that saw off this leadership twice before. I hope I’m wrong and that Mike Bird can find it within himself to pull this rabble back into order… still, it must be hard leading a group who’ve already dumped you once; I bet that makes for some uncomfortable moments at the coffee machine.

Meanwhile, the vulnerable of our town continue to suffer while the egos in charge seem to behave like petulant children. Wonderful.

Added at 12:32PM 21/5 – Marco Longhi displays the usual humbug – despite not being present at the meeting, he seems to be blaming the mayor for not keeping control. Nice to see the tory group riven along the old lines even still… I wonder how many more councillors are retiring to their woodsheds to whittle their grudges?

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3 Responses to Walsall Council descends into farce – that didn’t take long.

  1. Walsall Guy says:

    Hi Bob

    I have also left this cooment on your earlier blog about the leadership election for Walsall council.

    I agree entirely with your sentiments here and in your previous blog. Now as evidenced by last nights council meeting and Mike Fs and Ian Ss last blogs the trouble has started already-they have got the wrong leader. Now lets see how they get out of it before Walsall decends back to the bad old days of 2000-2002 and someone gets rid of them.

    If you have time read my blogs at the short URL given above you will I share your views on this but do not your eloquent expressive ability.

    All the best

  2. Andrew says:

    I see that the coucnil spin machine have kept all of last night’s stuff off the express and star web-site. If any one wants to buy the express and star building it is for sale at £600k

  3. James Williamson says:

    Andrew, the Council do have a strong spin machine but I really don’t think there is a conspiracy – what would be the motive?

    The E&S are not that well organised – I think their website is just run by a bunch of clueless technicians with no news sense. They regularly manage to miss many of the best Walsall stories covered in the E&S – even failing to post them after they’ve been published in print.

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