The ongoing shambles that is social care in Walsall

BBC NEWS | England | ‘Call cramming’ at care company.

I saw this report on Midlands Today this evening. Yet again, homecare services for some of the most vulnerable people in Walsall have been found to be inadequate. When will those in Walsall Council’s barely adequate Social Services department cut loose with the cash and actually pay for the service these people require to be able to live?

Next time you see your councillor trumpeting something – like the new parking system, the ring road or the laughable flirtation with twatter and web 2.0, call them on this. Ask them why both they and social services sold these unfortunate people down the river to the very lowest bidders. Ask them why there’s not enough money in the pot to look after the disabled and infirm properly, yet they manage to fritter away taxpayers cash on consultants and extortionate salaries for top council officers.

I suggest you read the following links; if you’re not outraged, then you’re not paying attention.

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Charity giving up care contract.

BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Concerns over home care provider.

Rescue plan for one star adult services.

Action plan to boost social services : Express & Star.

Council braced for slating : Express & Star.

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3 Responses to The ongoing shambles that is social care in Walsall

  1. Pedro says:


    In my experience there are many who care for their loved ones without claiming a penny that they are entitled to. Also that the workers employed in care are, by and large, caring people who are paid a very low wage.

    So it looks like the vulnerable are doubly squeezed…meanwhile the expense claims…

    Regards, Pedro

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