Mike Bird elected leader of Walsall Council…

Cllr Mike Flower (cllrmikeflower) on Twitter.

From Mike ‘Burger Boy’ Flower’s twatter feed, Councillor Mike Bird has been elected leader of the council, with Adrian Andrew (the man responsible for the highly popular ring road expansion) as deputy… judging by Mr. Bird’s previous tenure, we could be in for interesting times.

This report from 2002 gives a taste of the controversy in Walsall after Mike Bird’s last tenure was brought to an end by a split in the Tory Group, the council very nearly in special measures, leading to the leader being usurped by Tom Ansell.

In his favour, he did apparently critiscise the Local Neighbourhood Partnerships as being a waste of money…

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1 Response to Mike Bird elected leader of Walsall Council…

  1. Walsall Guy says:

    Bob I agree entirely with your sentiments here. Now as evidenced by last nights council meeting and Mike Fs and Ian Ss last blogs the trouble has started already-they have got the wrong leader. Now lets see how they get out of it before Walsall decends back to the bad old days of 2000-2002 and someone gets rid of them.

    If you have time read my blogs at the short URL given above you will I share your views on this but do not your eloquent expressive ability.

    All the best

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