Fair and Square

Rushall square as Dave Dunkley remembers it from his childhood. Image kindly shared by Dave.

I featured a few weeks ago a painting by local artist Dave Dunkley of Rushall Station and level crossing that was very well received and generated a lost of positive debate about the station’s history.

Well, spurred on by this, Dave has sent me a couple of his paintings of the Rushall Square area as he remembers it from his childhood. Rushall Square today is the area around the old library, shops and Macdonalds restaurant; the Macdonalds is the former site of the George and Dragon pub in the pictures. The photographic studio there today used to be the local newsagent.

Dave said:

Hi Bob

I have attached two paintings I have done of Rushall 1950’s showing what I remember of the old police station.

Davis’s paper shop is now, or was when I lived at Rushall, Eileen Mason’s. It shows the George and Dragon, Whitehouses shop and the Congressional church in Station road.

The church in 1958 is where I attended my first year of Shelfield secondary modern. Upstairs Mrs Wilkes who taught the ”A” stream, me, downstairs in the ”B” stream taught by the dreaded Mrs Jarvis. Think every one in her class suffered a few strokes of the cane from her. Did us no harm.

The other painting is a bit of a joke illustration from another angle. I jokingly put on Lowry type people just for fun. The lad looking in the window at Davis’s could have been me looking at all the Dinky cars for sale.

Best wishes

A different angle on the same memory, complete with figures – see text.. Image kindly shared by Dave Dunkley.

Dave, once again you are most welcome, I really love your paintings. I’d be only too happy to share your work in future, as I am honoured once more to do so today.

My thanks to Dave, then, and come on readers – what do you remember of Rushall Square?

Please do let Dave and the readership know what you remember – comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com or whisper in my ear on social media.

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5 Responses to Fair and Square

  1. Sue Poxon Shaw says:

    Dear Dave, I like looking at your paintings, they are great , keep up the good work, thank you.

  2. Reg Fullelove says:

    do you rememeber the studio who did glass blowing itwas located just off the island and as very popular at its time is it stillther

  3. edward woodward says:

    the painting of the dragon and paper shop are very good i use take the papers for davis pelsall lane i was awarded a gift from mr davis for selling the most pink papers on saturday the award was williams toff its apity the steel lamp light was not in the painting becourse i hit my eye on the rim as i was born in barns lane by the farm

  4. Linda Weller says:

    Hi is there any way I could get a copy of the square on rushall brings back so many memories

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