Delivering the goods

I have been proud to feature in past posts here the remarkable paintings of local artist Dave Dunkley of Rushall Station and level crossing and of Rushall Square as he remembered it from his youth.

Well, Dave’s been in touch again – Hello Dave! – with a painting he created some years ago – 1954, in fact – that he’d forgotten, but is of a scene once familiar to most people in the local area.

A lot of household deliveries were made in this way – and I know local ice cream empire the Pelari family also used to use a horse for transport. A wonderful original 1954 painting by Dave Dunkley.

Dave said:

Hi Bob,

I’m sorting out some old paintings I did years ago I found in the attic.

I came across this one I did which I had forgotten about. Milk float snow scene Birmingham Road on the Broadway, Walsall 1950’s.

It may be interesting to those who remember bread and milk delivered like this. I can.

Dave Dunkley

Dave, I really love your work, always happy to share your creations as I am doing today – your paintings evoke strong memories for people and are lovely images too, so what’s not to absolutely adore?

My thanks to Dave, then, and come on readers – what do you remember of milk, bread – perhaps coal – and other goods delivered by horse and cart?

Please do let Dave and the readership know what you remember – comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com or whisper in my ear on social media.

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2 Responses to Delivering the goods

  1. davnadave says:

    i remember the coalman delivering to my mom’s in friezland lane, I think it was mr Salt, coal was my brothers concession from working down pit

  2. Maureen Burton says:

    Wonderful memory of the level crossings we lived at number 80 Station Road, Rushall my young son knew what times the trains were coming and we would dash to see them he was so excited and loved talking to the signal man who would take him inside to see how they worked.

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