Picture this: Catching up with the Summer 2018 photo competition

It’s been a heck of a summer. I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Hey people – for those not on Facebook it’s time for the Summer Photo Competition I’ve been promising this year – I had a terrific response to the new year one, and I promised, especially for those that missed the first one, to run a second mid-year.

I started the appeal on Facebook for entries over a month ago on Facebook, and since then lots of people have submitted some absolutely excellent photos – over 120 in total so far.

The competition will be open for a further two weeks and will close at Lunchtime, Sunday 23rd September 2018, when myself, Linda Mason, Phil Griffin, Richard Burnell and David Evans will each decide the individual entry for them that best sums up summer.

We’re not looking for technical excellence or top flight equipment or skills – a wonky phone photo capturing something fun can be every bit as good as the carefully shot image by a pro. It’s about feel and intention. Images must be your own work, that’s all.

Entries are limited to one photo per person but you can change your entry up until the closing date if you wish. Backyard Brewhouse ale 5 litre (8.8 pint!) minikegs, which are brewed in Brownhills to great acclaim will be the main prizes, and books for the runners up – if you’re teetotal or living a long way away we’ll come to some other arrangement.

Prizes are as ever, are funded out of my own pocket. The judges decision will be final.

Please keep this good spirited. This is for enjoyment and good feeling.

You can get images to me in a number of ways: email me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, post a link to an online album in the comments, or use social media by posting or messaging me on Facebook or Twitter. Please make clear this is your photo competition entry.

If I’ve missed anyone out, sorry: It’s taken me most of the weekend to collate the entries so far which I’ve included in the gallery below, so if yours is missing please do shout up and I’ll rectify things.

The images below can all be viewed larger by clicking on them. If there’s an error, you spot a multiple entry of whatever, shout up. To err is human, to balls stuff up totally is my modus operandi.

If you’re looking for your image, use your browser’s search option is a good way. On a Mac that’s <option> & <F>.

Thank you everyone.

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  1. fantastic piicturs hard to choose all of the winners

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