Hot metal and cool machines

I love the watching the concentration of the drivers as they Marshall their machines around the site. Real skill and care.

Yesterday (Saturday 3th June 2017) I cycled up the A515 to the annual Steam Party event at Klondyke Mill in Draycott in the Clay, home of the North Staffordshire and Cheshire Traction Engine Club – It’s an event I often go to; quintessentially British, it’s a feast for mechanical geeks, people watchers and vintage buffs of all stripes – and it’s running today, too.

There were traction engines in full steam driving around the yard, stationary engines, classic cars, tractors, land rovers and much more – it’s well worth a visit and the people are very friendly.

Caring for the engines is a full-time occupation.

The good thing is it’s running today (Sunday 4th June 2016) too, so if you like the look of my photos, get yourselves up there – Just hit the A515 not and it’s just through Draycott in the Clay on the right off the main road. You can’t miss it. Entrance fee is £4.50.

The twice yearly ‘Steam Party’ is regular, and the next one is on the 14th and 15th October 2017. It’s well worth a visit, but the entrance fee can be a shock if there’s a few of you; but the fuel alone isn’t cheap and the North Staffs and Cheshire Traction Engine Club need all the funds they can raise.

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  1. David Evans says:

    thanks for these super photos..I like the old motorbike!

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