Public service announcement: About those adverts…

I hate adverts too. Sorry about that.

Hey folks, I’ve had a few people twang me lately that adverts have started appearing in blog posts, and asking if I’m using web ads these days.

First of all, sorry they’re happening. These adverts are inserted by the host of the blog and I have no control over them currently, nor the nature of the stuff they are flogging.

The situation is a bit annoying at the moment. WordPress, the host of this shambling pile of crap used to have lots of modules and options that you could buy including ones for extra space, domain management, and to disable ads.

These days, the optional extras have been rolled up into plans – so the no adverts option I started to pay for annually after the first great ad outrage™ is now part of either a personal, premium or business plan. I was also buying extra space and domains. The extra space is also now part of the plans and also unavailable separately.

Because of this marlarkey, and because of the huge space this site and it’s media now occupy (just short of 28 gigabytes) I’m going to have to transfer to a business plan, which gives me unlimited space (yay!) and lot of other options to play with, as well as no ads and the domains.

All this will cost £260 per year.

I am happy to pay this. WordPress has been a very reliable host, with great uptime and mercifully few bugs. They are secure and support content providers like me well, with a fine product. Considering most users of WordPress never need a paid option, they do a lot of stuff for the community free and I respect that totally.

I’m pretty sure web adverts are useless anyway.

The reason the ads have come back is all the options I have expire at different times, so while I’m getting best value by waiting for the extra space option to expire, the no ads option has finished, and you’re getting sold stuff again. Sorry.

Before the end of this month (June 2017) I will have purchased the plan and the ads will vanish again (and there may even be some whizzy new features). Until then, my apologies.

Rest assured, I will never make money from this blog or my associated social media, and that includes never running paid advertisements. I am happy to foot the bill out of my own pocket and would never ask for or accept support from the readership or any business, and that includes paid ads.

If I accepted anything from anyone for my work here I feel it would be compromised and I have more respect for you than to do that.

So please accept my apologies or the sludge bothering your browsing and I’ll have it sorted pretty soon. Cheers for your patience.


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4 Responses to Public service announcement: About those adverts…

  1. morturn says:

    Bob, many thanks for the heads up on the ads, it’s nice to understand how these things work. It’s great that you’re going to continue with the site, ad free. Life would not be the same around here without Brownhills Bob.
    I am sure I speak for a lot of people if I say how much we appreciate the work you do, building community’s and bringing people together.

  2. wozelbeak says:

    As with the T.V advertising, the adverts are sometimes better than t………only jesting Bob. The site and work you provide for the good folk of the area are legendary. If i need to research something local i go to your site first. Keep up the good work it really is appreciated.

  3. Edwina says:

    No problem, I just whiz past them. I am female and can turn off to this stuff, unless it’s something like shoes (hahaha) it’s a joy to behold is your blog Bob and if I had to pay a small fee to help out then I would. It is fascinating. I don’t always agree with what you say … but that is how it goes, I love your blog … so from me … stop apologising and get on with your fabulous work – adverts or no it’s the best there is in Brownhills and around.

  4. Graham says:

    Like everyone I hate the ads BUT they are only a minor iritation, and your blog is such a valuable resource, which you put such a massive amount of effort into. I’m sure no readers would mind in the least if you saved yourself a little money and accepted the ads, nor would we feel that they compromised your independence.
    Like Edwina, I just ignore them – especially the shoe ads!

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