Pictures from the Oak Park demolition


if you’re worried about the pair of socks you left in your locker, it’s a bit late now. Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

The young David Evans was yesterday a very busy chap indeed – not only did he give a very successful talk at Walsall Wood Library (which raised £40 for Macmillan by the way, so nice one and thanks for that) but he also swung past the old Oak Park Recreation Centre to take some pictures of the site as it’s being demolished.

The Recreation Centre, which was out of use after being replaced by a new state of the art facility behind, was due to be knocked down soon in any case, but a fire there last week forced the Council’s hand and men with large tools have been working there ever since.

I’ve had a few requests for pictures, so David kindly obliged. As you can see, they aren’t hanging about and the centre won’t be here much longer.

Cheers to David for making a photographic record – if you have anything to add, please do: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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5 Responses to Pictures from the Oak Park demolition

  1. Rob Brownhills says:

    Hi Bob, nothing to do with this blog but do you know what the blokes with the long lens’s taking pictures of on Farmfood car park and in front of Silver Court, are they Twitchers ?

  2. N. Thomas says:

    Spent hours at Oak Park in the 70’s/80’s. Badminton, squash and swimming with the family and friends on Sunday. Would be on the phone for ages to book squash courts. Happy days.

  3. PorkTorta says:

    Me our kid would spend endless Saturdays down at Oak Park. Dad would give us a few quid and that would take care of swimming and a locker; a snack from the machine and a cup of fizzybitsnge from the tea/coffee machine, and we’d still have a few 10p pieces spare for a game or two of Bomb Jack or Star Wars. Brilliant times. Lots of slow motion water Kung Fu, paddling through the thick brown footbath, avoiding kids in verruca socks, and being whistled at by the lifeguard for spending too much time underwater holding our breath.

    Spent lots of pool time there for school too – St John’s. Graduated there from the little pool at Street’s Corner, and under the impeccable tutelage of the amazing Mrs Humpage, and spent years treading water, swimming lengths, grabbing bricks, and swimming in pajamas to get lifesaving certificates. Wonderful times.

  4. Adrian Bickley says:

    Many hours spent there. Swimming lessons from school, and later games periods playing badminton, which was a good excuse to be off school premises during school time. When we were unemployed we used to have free access to the facilities with a UB40 card, so it was our go to place to hang out on days when we couldn’t scrape together enough pennies for the snooker club. Kept us fit and out of trouble. Also played five-a-side there, so, all-in-all, an invaluable facility.

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