We got us a couple of found dogs!

Good news! Rusty the Staffie has been reunited with his owner this evening (31st December 2016). Thanks to all who helped. See this post on Facebook here

Holly is still looking for her owners….


Images supplied by Rose Maria Burnell

It seems we have a pair of found hounds in the town this evening – first up is this gorgeous brindle-looking Staff found in Narrow Lane by old friend of the blog and top ginger singer Rose Maria Burnell.

She said:

Just found this little chap wandering around at the top of Narrow Lane running along Lichfield Road. Currently keeping him safe in Narrow Lane. Please share so we can find the owner!

If the dog is yours, or you know whose it is, contact either Rose via Facebook, or comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Next we have this venerable old thing – Susan Matthews told me about her:


Aww, bless. Image from Susan Matthews.

Hiya Bob

Could you help please Can you help put the wagg back in this little girls tail?

She was found running the streets hungry and tired on Wednesday 28th of December in the Ws9 Castlefort area of Walsall Wood.

She’s been scanned for a micro chip but one was not found at the time.

Over the past few days she has stayed with some foster parents bathed and fed wormed. She is now with a long term foster family but is clearly missing her true family.

Her picture has been posted on several media sites but to no avail. She’s been nick named Holly due to the Christmas period.

If you recognise her or she is your lost pet could you please contact Bob via social media.

She has very distinguishing marks and photo identification and due to the shy nature of this little girl she will not be handed over without proof.

She is safe and well where she is loved and looked after and making friends with the families other pets.

Let’s see if we can re unite this little lady with her owner in time for New Years please.

You can contact anonymously if the owner is no longer able to look after her.

Could you emphasise the plea that if she has proved too much to look after that the owner can still come forwards and we will be totally understanding… It would be great to know the dog’s name and how old she is, and they can pass these details into Bob in total anonymity – we don’t need to know who they are she has not been found in a state of neglect.

Thank you Bob x.
Happy new year

Susan Matthews

If you own the above collie or know who does, please mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, and I assure all involved of my total confidence, OK? If you want to contact the finders directly, go via Facebook here and message Suzie Thomas.

Happy new year, everyone. Here’s to more reunited pets in 2017 (and other stuff…)!

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